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Red Kaolin Clay

In-Store Refills: $2.00

Used in the finest spas for facials and herbal body packs, Red Kaolin clay has the ability to quickly pull dirt, oil, and bacteria from your pores.  Red clay is best suited for normal to oily skin types. If you have sensitive or very dry skin, we suggest that this clay might be a bit too “aggressive” and to give our white kaolin clay a try instead.  Clays work by stimulating blood circulation by pulling it to the surface of your skin.  During this process, some people notice their face will “flush” — this is only temporary, sometimes lasting for about 30 minutes after using a mask.

Clays are super simple to use, simply add warm water to form a soft paste, stir, then apply to your skin avoiding the under the eyes and under the nostril areas. Allow to set and wash off with warm water. It’s that simple and yet very effective!

2oz glass jar, 1.5oz product net weight