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Green Home Gift


Swedish Dishcloth- REDUCE WASTE with our Swedish Dishcloth – it’s sustainable, sturdy, and stylish.  Each cloth absorbs 20x its weight and replaces 17 rolls of paper towels.

CONTENTS: 70% cellulose (FSC-Certified), 30% organic cotton (FairTrade & GOTS). Screen printed with water-based inks. 100% biodegradable.

USE: Wash dishes. Wipe up spills. Clean mirrors. Use streak-free on most surfaces. Air dries fast, doesn’t breed bacteria like a sponge. 

REUSE: Wash up to 200 times, in top rack of dishwasher or in washing machine. Sterilize in microwave or boil briefly. 


Bamboo Pot Scrubber Brush 


Juniper & Spruce Soy Candle

Upcycled Denim Towles (4-pack)- Sustainable home and kitchen textiles made with upcycled denim and cotton, using minimal water and energy.

For every kilogram of upcycled fabric used, 20,000 liters of water are saved.

These farmhouse kitchen towels and dish cloths are made with a special weave pattern for super absorbency and durability.

The MEEMA kitchen towels have a corner loop for easy hanging, so any kitchen can be lovely and ready to shine.

100% cotton (80% upcycled).

Dimensions: 20" x 28”

Beautiful / Elegant / Functional / Sustainable

Set of 4