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Foaming Baby Shampoo + Body Wash

In-Store Refills: $0.55/oz

This product is safe for all ages, even babies. Though we don’t guaranteed this to be 100% tear free, it is super (super!) close. Every ingredient inside this formulation was carefully selected for its ability to gently, yet effectively cleanse and hydrate skin.

Designed to be dispensed from foaming bottles – this will create voluminous soft, skin nourishing suds.  

Vegan friendly.  Gluten Free.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe vera juice, decyl glucoside, oat protein, amber extract, sodium PCA, leuconostoc, gluconolactone (and) sodium benzoate.

*Please note that we only have one foaming pump and container option at this time - the 16oz glass mason jar with silver pump*