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Refill Station

How do refills work?
Bring your clean, empty containers to Resourcefill and choose from our lineup of home- and self-care products. Our staff will fill your containers for you and charge you by weight (excluding the weight of the container). We also provide containers for purchase and offer donated containers for free.

What containers can I bring to fill?
Anything. Really! We can fill containers of all shapes, sizes, and materials.

Do you provide containers for the refill products?
Yes, you can purchase containers directly from Resourcefill for all of our refill products. 


What types of products do you sell?
Our refill station includes self-care products, such as shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, as well as home-care necessities like detergents and soaps. In addition to refillable products, we carry a number of retail items related to our mission of providing sustainable goods aimed at reducing plastic waste, as well as local artwork including jewelry, ceramics, wall art, and textiles.

How do you decide what products to sell?
Our goal is to reduce our community’s need for single-use plastics and to highlight locally made products. The majority of our retail products are sourced from local makers and designers.

Can I suggest or request a product to be carried in the shop?
Sure! Stop by our shop or send an email to