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About Us...

Resourcefill is an environmentally-driven eco-shop with a mission to reduce our community's need for single-use plastics and single-use papers by offering refills of home and bodycare essentials and eco-friendly swaps for household goods.    

Our concept isn't a new one. In fact, there are some great refill shops in neighboring communities. As longtime Lafayette residents, we hoped someone would open a refill shop here in our town and think there should be one in every neighborhood. Instead of waiting around, we decided to go for it ourselves!  On a personal level, we have been making our own home and body care products, and re-using cloth towels and napkins for years and are excited to bring some of the products we use and love to our neighbors.  

We source our products from vendors who use organic, non-toxic ingredients, are animal cruelty free, offer closed-loop delivery systems (meaning that the bulk containers we purchase from them are used over and over again) and are as local as possible.  

Our refill station includes bulk self-care items, such as shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, as well as home-care necessities like detergents and soaps. By filling your own container at Resourcefill’s refill station, you are not only eliminating the practice of buying a new container with every purchase of a soap, lotion, or detergent; you are also investing in your local economy and contributing to a greener planet.

In addition to the refill selections, we carry many other home accessories to encourage a more eco-friendly lifestyle and highlight local jewelry, candle, textile and home decor makers and artists.  
We are also excited to partner with Terracycle and ReCork for oral care product, shaving, writing instrument, and cork recycling.  We also have a re-use room for gently-used goods!

Stop by to say hi and learn more at 1005 Oak Hill Road in Lafayette.
Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm
Sunday 11am-2pm