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Room & Body Spray

In-Store Refills: $3.00/oz

Use your Root & Splendor Room and Body Sprays to freshen any room or body, but it can also be used on animals, linens, cars, and so much more.  Swell contains essential oils that are known to enhance positivity and mental awareness while also promoting confident and relaxing feelings.  Pick up a bottle for those beachy vibes anywhere you are! 

Root & Splendor handcrafted Room and Body Sprays are composed of their signature blends of essential oils, vegetable glycerin, and distilled water.  All of their blends are specifically crafted for wonderful aromas and emotional well-being.  Each ingredient is carefully selected for the safety of our health and environment and uses earth’s finest, 100% natural & non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients for each of their products.  

Shake well, spray often.  Safe for anybody & everybody.  


Swell – crafted and inspired from the Pacific Ocean, salty breezes and sun-kissed faces.  This Room and Body Spray will freshen and awaken you with scents of lemongrass, bergamot and cedarwood essential oils.  Its scent is uniquely floral and citrus, with woodsy undertones.  

Humble – This blend is crafted and inspired by mountain vibes. This Room and Body Spray will be sure to connect you with the great outdoors with scents of frankincense, basil and lime essential oils.  Its scent is uniquely earthy and herbaceous with citrus undertones and is sure to be loved by any nature-loving person.